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Since 1995, the dynamics of Internet audience growth has been characterized by the rapid increase in the number of unique users, which counts more than two billion people today. In percentage terms, the figure is about thirty percent of the world’s population. Dissemination of information in communication networks is charging ahead at breakneck speed driven by continued technology innovation. The global marketplace has become available to everyone, regardless of age or income. Hence, it is easy to imagine the amount of digital media advertising budgets.

Revenues from online advertising in the United States totaled $ 31.7 billion in 2011, in the second quarter of 2012 earnings of advertisers rose to $ 9.3 billion (according to IAB). These figures are clear evidence that the market is very liquid despite everything said about negative influences of the 2008-2012 financial crises. Therefore, if you own a website and are trying to make it a definite success, you should be working hard to develop a quality content promotion strategy. Great content promotion is the only way to return your money, invested time and make a good profit.

Content marketing strategies evolved simultaneously with the spread of the Internet. Originally, it was an ordinary traffic exchange as a method of attracting new users. Fifteen years later, the algorithms of Google’s Panda and Penguin have changed all the rules and results for good!

Search engine optimization (SEO) methods developed gradually. As they grew, the industry strategies have improved, and now competent search engine optimization services have become a total necessity. Moreover, such a phenomenon as social media marketing was rapidly gaining popularity (followers). One of the first social networking websites was MySpace, then we all started liking Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, which revolutionized the internet marketing. Over time there have been even more sophisticated promotional tools that have emerged, such as mylikes, nrelate, mgid traffic increase tools and others.

Our mobility of today was only possible through the invention of the wheel. And, if the wheel has not been improved during the industrial revolution, people would still be moving over great distances very slowly. Initial content marketing strategies could be compared to the wheel, which became a high-speed racing tire about 2005, when much more effective methods appeared (services for content promotion, intelligent website marketing tools etc.).

The list is vast, but the basic idea is similar. Today there is a huge variety of content promotion services providing relatively equal services. Getting lost is easy and keeping on track is a constant task for web businesses. Here’s my geeky advice on what services can be really beneficial for any website owner:

1). - Follow the 60,000+ sites that have partnered with nRelate! Unbelievable, but nRelate designed an efficient content plug-in, which guarantees increasing your conversion rate rapidly from 5 to 12%. Plug in to get an exposure by sharing content among your own networking websites or from other sources. Visit nRelate. It’s a great choice!

2). – Taboola is the video content marketing platform, which helps to find and embed videos. Being on top of the list with 180M unique visitors a month, this service is used for recirculation of their own traffic through recommendation widgets. These widgets have influenced the traffic consolidation for such monster sites, as the NYTimes, BBC, TMZ, Bloomberg, Fox Television, etc. Taboola offers unlimited traffic, and routinely lifts CTR’s by 50% -300% Great numbers!

3). - MGID is a brilliant idea embodied in a smart form. It has proven to be an outstanding resource with an Alexa rank of 245 in the US. The idea itself is simpler then you think: create content worth sharing and reveal it to the public through MGID widgets. What they do is literally add marketing value to your content through targeted mgid traffic boost! It’s an excellent and simple opportunity. MGID traffic booster combines huge audience, great prices (from 1 cent per click), quality traffic, and superior content.

You’re running the show – make a choice and see it really take off for you!

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