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Common traits of Optimistic Bloggers

Life is about being optimistic! Positive approach and smile on one’s face are two things which distinguish a successful person from a wannabe. You may be a top manager, a street cleaner or a blogger it doesn’t matter – just keep it positive! Speaking about blogging – bloggers have their special little tricks for being positive in what they do. Here they are:

  • Optimistic bloggers seek new ideas – if your page or Alexa rank haven’t improved after 6 months of hard work, it’s not an excuse for breaking your laptop. Relax, and go take a walk in the park. Just don’t think about it for a while and then get back to your situation (“situation”, not “problem”). Think what you might be doing wrong, and seek for the new ways to reach your goal.
  • Optimistic bloggers love their visitors – even if they’re aggressive, even if they don’t like your new design, even if they leave bad comments. Just remember that a person gets angry or dissatisfied only if he’s/she’s miserable. Happy people don’t spread negative emotions around. Be attentive and read between the lines of the criticism; answer every arising need and you’ll see that criticism begin to dissolve. In this way you help yourself and other people.
  • Optimistic bloggers don’t miss opportunities – maybe you’ve got an e-mail with an offer you would try, or visited a digital marketing exhibition in your town. If an offer makes sense – try it! Don’t limit yourself by your own old regulations and laws, let the stream of life flow both in your life and blogging career. Don’t oppress this stream by old dogmas, be open to everything.
  • Optimistic bloggers use content marketing services – yes they do! It’s not just your efforts that you can use to make your website succeed. Outsource some work to the professionals. Just be careful to avoiding a scam. Some great examples of content marketing services are MGID, Zergnet or Taboola (if your site is about video content); these are really excellent examples of services optimistic bloggers use.
  • Optimistic bloggers celebrate results – this is a must! When you achieve something, you don’t have to start planning and embodying your next goal in the same moment. Take some time to celebrate, feel the moment of glory and take a day off. Think of the next day as about the start of a new period which will bring new opportunities and results into your blogging life.

And don’t forget to smile. Start your day with a smile and keep your approach and objectives positive.

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